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Lets get messy and make pizza!!!

Children love to be involved in creative activities, specially if parents get involved with them.

When we involve our children in our everyday activity, we are "telling them":

- You are loved

- I love spending time with you

- I value your effort for trying

- I appreciate your desire to learn new things

- You are capable

- You can be anything

We should not underestimate the powerful "hidden words" that speaks through our approach and behaviour towards our children.

We are in charge of giving them the tools to be more confident and independent.

Most important, you are helping your child to develop so many different skills such as:

- Gross motor skills

- Fine motor skills

- Creativity

- Critical thinking

- Problem solving

- Expand their vocabulary by learning new words

- Team work

- Responsibility

- Self-esteem

This are NECESSARY skills your child will need to learn and develop as a PERSON.

This "pizza faces" are so easy and fun to make!

Depending on your child age, you could help with cutting all the veggies and let your child choose which one to use and what look to create for each face.

Lets start making a super easy pizza dough!


- 400g of flour

- 7g dry yeast (1small bag)

- salt

- 1 cup of water

- 6 tablespoon of olive oil

- Tomato sauce

- Oregano

- Mozzarella cheese

Make the dough:

- Mix the dry ingredients and incorporate the wet ingredient together in a bowl.

- The dough will look a bit sticky but it's ok. keep kneading!

- Once all the ingredient are well combined, it should look like a big ball of playdoh.

- Put some flour on the counter and transfer the dough on the counter.

- Keep kneading for up to 20/25 minutes

If you have a stand mixer, put all the ingredient inside and let it work for about 8 minutes, using the dough hook.

Once the dough is done, spread a little flour on the counter and expand the dough on it using a rolling pin.

Put some tomato sauce, ant ingredient of your choice, mozzarella cheese and its ready to be cooked!

Oven time: 10-15 minutes.


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